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MOVED TO linguistique [may 25th, 2006 >>1:08am]

cesmots is dead. come to
post haste!

community invites sent to...Collapse )
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[jan 5th, 2006 >>11:14pm]

hello, this is your friendly mod, mey-mey (former = achorus). i'm sorry that i've let this community go for so long, but i see that there are still a lot of members. hopefully you guys will read this!

if you still watch this community and are interested in reviving it, please post a comment in this entry.

if there are enough comments, i will start it back up. if not, i'm going to delete it.

long live cesmots.
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[sep 16th, 2005 >>1:31am]
One white lily in a vase
On her table
By her side
One simple room
In which she sat
In which she quietly remembers
Four simple walls
Walls of white
But know so much
And could scream aloud
All of the things they have witnessed
One wrinkled hand
With five fingers
On a dark oak table
Veins of the wood making crazy patterns
Against the veins of the hands
Which somewhere, somehow lead to the heart
That slowly beats
For no one.
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[sep 3rd, 2005 >>1:33am]
i was actually in this community when it first started but left when i took a break from livejournal. amazing how i still remembered the name of the community. I'm sad to see it has withered down a bit since I last saw it but here's a contribution which is in my journal.

falling for fatherCollapse )
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[jul 18th, 2005 >>10:22am]

this community seems a little dead, but oh well.

confessions of a golden calfCollapse )
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